Supporting you for Positive Change in your Business and Community


Businesses Under Development (BUD) is here to help you achieve real change through
transformative leadership training, coaching, facilitation and project support.

Each and every one of our team possesses an extraordinary combination of unique personality traits that, if properly tapped, will allow us to be the powerful leaders we need to be in order to truly impact our communities and businesses.

The capability to create change already exists within each person. We’re here to help you identify those capabilities and gear you up for positive change using our 3 pillars: Equip, Enable, and Empower.

Join in with our new Innovative Course

Last year, BUD launched our pilot of Lead Positive ChangeIt was a great success for everybody involved, with participants leaving with ‘the confidence to move forwards’.

We are excited to say that The Big Lottery are funding us for round 2!

This time, we’ve taken the time to learn from the feedback from Tribe 1 and ensured that you get as much out of Lead Positive Change as possible.

What will I get out of it? 

  • Launch a pilot of your project idea in 8 weeks
  • Connect with other local idea generators, changemakers, dreamers & visionaries
  • Identify your skills and share them 1 hour per week to support delivery of the course
  • 3 live events
  • Opportunity to pitch for funding at our celebration event

Still want to find out more? Click here for a detailed outline of Lead Positive Change

With all this on offer, Lead Positive Change is an opportunity that should not be missed. It starts in September ’18 but we have a limited number of spaces available so if if you live in Lambeth Register your interest for LEAD POSITIVE CHANGE LAMBETH.


Training Sessions




Hours of Project Support

At BUD, we believe that leadership should not be autocratic. The leadership of tomorrow depends on fostering teamwork and collaboration. Real leadership isn’t about power. Real leadership is about developing a team that feels valued and included, which creates dedication.

Developed by visionary Georgina Wilson, BUD offers emerging leaders and those already in leadership positions an exhaustive variety of online and offline leadership training workshops, facilitation, coaching and consutling. Through stronger leaders, we build stronger organizations and communities who will in turn build a better tomorrow. As an inspirational speaker, Georgina Wilson truly knows that “EVERY PERSON HAS SOMETHING OF VALUE TO OFFER THIS WORLD.” And she employs this philosophy through each step of her program.


We equip you with the right tools and resources to carry out your vision of creating positive change


We enable you to combine your tools and unique skill set to work with others to create communal change.


We empower you to find the courage to use those tools to achieve the tasks set before you and your team

Why BUD’s leadership programs?

At BUD, we work with the entire community and organisation in mind. We teach participatory leadership, meaning that we want to show you how to motivate and inspire others so that your team is ready to take positive action towards achieving the organisation’s goals. We also offer bespoke packages to ensure that we cater for your specific needs

What makes us different? 

Our programs are aimed at individuals, organisations, and community groups using a holistic approach, too often we focus on the outcomes expected and not on how we get there. We want you to be successful, and leadership is not an easy task so we want to give you as much support as possible.

We also know how important YOU are and so we first focus on making sure you are ok, so our training will begin 1st with you, once you are ok you can change the world one day at a time.

I was once asked WHAT is success, my answer was “the fulfillment of purpose”.