Affiliation Programme

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Building leaders for resilient, sustainable organisations and communities

What is it?

An 18 month programme for 7 organisations to develop into a BUD HUB beginning May 2020.

Join this programme if you…

  • Are an organisation that leads positive change, but wish you had access to tools to do that more effectively
  • Are hugely passionate about what you do, but risk burnout
  • Want to learn how to make your organisation more sustainable financially so that you can add even more value
  • Believe in empowering others and enabling them to lead alongside you

What will be different as a result of taking part?

  • Be further equipped with tool and processes to lead positive change in your organisation
  • Become a more resilient empowering leader
  • Explore and begin implementation of income generating models for long term sustainable organisations
  • Licence to deliver any BUD training through their organisation or via BUD
  • Be more connected to other organisations and individuals leading change

What does this look like?

  • 2 years membership and progression to be a licenced BUD HUB
  • 20 days of Strategic Planning, Project support, Facilitation Training and Coaching from BUD
  • Access to BUD’s tools, workshops, programmes and communities such as:
  1. The BUD ecosystem connecting people and organisations leading change
  2. 5 Keys to running successful organisations
  3. Lead Positive Change – Launch your idea
  4. The Fearless Leader
  5. Empowering Leadership Cycle
  6. Storytelling to build engagement
  7. Building authentic connections with CARE
  8. Activate! The festival for leaders and emerging leaders of positive change to connect, collaborate and celebrate
  • Decide on 2-3 elements to focus on and experience
  • Be trained to deliver training through your organisation with BUD’s support
  • £1000.00 towards costs such as engagement, advertising, events etc.