Our Mission

Our mission is to support leaders for positive change. This defines the way we collaborate with you and with each other. Using our unique tools and creative, participatory approach, we exist to guide our clients along the pathway to success on an individual, business, and community level. We believe in a process of continuous learning, supporting ideas driven by passion, and inspiring the courage it takes to make your vision a reality.

Each stage of the BUD process is guided by our 5 core values to ensure that your experience with us is illuminating and inspiring.

Our Values

  • 1. To listen means to understand

    We don’t just listen to you, we make sure we understand your ideas and exactly where you’re coming from.

  • 2. No person is better, only different.

    This is one of the most important components of BUD’s value system and philosophy. We’re all about building up the strengths that make you uniquely valuable!

  • 3. Give more than expected.

    We never do the bare minimum. We care about you and your vision and genuinely believe we should go above and beyond.

  • 4. Be passionate.

    We want to be passionate about what we’re doing not only because our work will be of better quality when we are, but because it’s important for us to enjoy what we’re doing! Which brings me to my next point…

  • 5. Have fun!

    Community, business, and organisational development can be hard work! But it can also be a lot of fun. We get to spend time with great people like you and watch as your ideas come to fruition. We hope you have fun with this too.