Unlock your full potential to lead yourself and others

You have been highlighted and recognised for being really good at what you do, you have a vision that you’d love to get off the ground! In order to make this happen by default you are required to lead, but just not sure if you have the confidence to do so? “What if’s” plague you, you feel passionate about what you want to do, but often alone and unsure.

We have had these conversations time and time again, our director Georgina has shared some of those same feelings as she realised her dream meant she had to become a leader, you aren’t out the on your own! We know from our experience working with emerging leaders that it’s not always as hard as it seems, it can actually be a great experience. (Honestly it can!)

We want to support you to overcome those fears and successfully lead positive change

What is it?

5-month programme March 18th – July 10th 2019

  • Monthly online sessions with peer-to-peer support and workshops